Modern office design trends


Whether you have a cosy country office or a larger corporate premises on a business park, how it looks and feels is a key factor in employee productivity and work satisfaction. As more and more businesses offer flexible working and a happy working environment to attract and retain the best talent, then hot desking, break out spaces and home working have become the norm.


Office planning is no longer all about square footage per employee and functionality, but more about a work experience – happy employees are more productive workers so making their working environment an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable place to be is critical for business productivity and successful collaboration.


Your office is part of your business DNA. How do you create a stylish workspace that will bring the best employees in and keep them there? Start by considering tactile furnishings, floorings and décor. Plain bench desks in rows and an uninspiring office kitchen are not a draw to potential employees, nor a joy for existing employees. Here at Voke Interiors, we recognise there’s a need to find a happy compromise between functionality, style and cost.


In larger offices, leisure spaces should be accounted for. Whether they’re filled with pool tables, TV screens or simply some furniture that encourages lounging, employee comfort and mental health is far higher up the list than it used to be when considering office planning.


Embrace your building style – if it’s an old warehouse, then let it guide your choice of floorings and furnishings with some of the many industrial fittings and fixtures that are bang on trend, therefore widely available, in 2019. If you work in a cosy cottage, don’t just consider whichever furniture you can get in miniature, but which items will preserve the integrity of your building too, perhaps quality carpets, wooden furniture and less intrusive technological hardware.


Quiet spaces are a must. As conference calling replaces face to face meetings, the need for quiet and privacy becomes greater. One of the great joys of home offices is the greater level of uninterrupted peace, whereas the large open plan spaces that are commonplace in modern working environments are not wholly compatible with such practices. Consider where your employees will go for conference calls, quiet time to review documents or private phone calls. Perhaps an office ‘library’ where quiet is mandatory would work for your business?


Invest in good seating. Employee comfort is not up for negotiation – buy the best you can afford.

We are approved dealers and installers of Verco furniture and have access to many other suppliers. A mix of colours and styles looks modern and delivers comfort to various areas - work stations, break out areas and board rooms. We can arrange factory visits so you can see first-hand the care that goes into your chosen product.


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