Royal Berkshire Hospital – Children’s clinic.


The Royal Berkshire Hospital Children’s clinic had some rather dated carpeting fitted to the consulting rooms and the staff were anxious that these spaces should have the carpet removed and replaced with vinyl for better cleaning and infection prevention and also to brighten up the spaces.  Using Tarkett vinyl tiles in a variety of colours a checker board scheme with a border was installed in these rooms - they didn’t only get better they looked better.

Melrose House

A leading centre for Diabetic research and treatment based in Reading was fitted out initially by Voke Interiors some 20 plus years ago where we installed carpets, curtains, vinyl, ceramic tiles, quantities of furniture and lighting.  A change in attitude determined that a number of areas which had previously been carpeted now needed to be treated with new vinyl floors and so we were approached to revisit this site and again using various Tarkett products we managed to fit vinyl to common part areas, consulting rooms and a waiting area using different products to create a different ambience in the various rooms.  The result, all the staff felt better. 

If you have a relative in Hospital who is not feeling at all well and is very sick it is possible that you may want to seek help and guidance from above, on that basis we upgraded the lighting in the chapel and in association with our friends at Heckmondwike we donated new flooring in the aisles and staircase approach.  Hallelujah – now we pray that they get better.